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Surrounded by a mechanical background, my father and uncle owned an alcohol funny car in the late 70’s to the early 80’s.

I purchased my first VW in 1987 when I was 15 years old and joined a VW car club called South Bay Lil Ones where it became my everyday activity to work on VW’s.

In 1990 I started working for a local VW shop where I worked for 7 years until I purchased Dave’s Powerhaus in 1997.
Although our everyday work consists of basic maintenance of the air and water cooled VW, I have always took interest in making them go fast with large displacement engines but still remain streetable by keeping them somewhat mild. After several years I felt we were becoming limited in creating horsepower at lower rpm levels, so we began to discuss the turbo option which has been done for many years, but we wanted to use the turbo along with an EFI system that would tuck underneath the stock VW engine lid and be used for everyday driving.

We contacted CB performance who had already created a complete system that would do what we were after, so our first set up was a combination of CB performance fuel injection and Turbo components with our mild mannered engine. We were impressed with the horsepower at such low rpm’s, but we wanted a fuel injection system that we could completely program ourselves and at the time their fuel injection system did not allow us to achieve that.

We then called Redline Weber and spoke to them about their fully programmable system . I ordered one right away for my own personal VW and started to build my own 2275 Turbo Fuel Injection Engine.

Over the next several years our Fuel Injection experience did not come from my personal VW, but instead we have had several interested customers that gave us the opportunity to continue our quest for a turnkey engine that produced big horsepower but still remain driveable.

We continued our work on everyday basic maintenance and to build engines for our local community. Then we discovered the Samba which is a great website that allowed us to share our work as well as sell parts and engines to the entire world.

We began to advertise engine combos and parts on the Samba and within days, we were receiving telephone calls and orders immediately. We have now expanded our engine and part sales over the United States to the United Kingdom, Spain, Brazil, Japan, etc. and have received great feedback from our customers and take great pride in providing customer satisfaction.